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Intention & Clarity Kit - Giver of Magic

Ronnie M

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Intention & Clarity Kit - Giver of Magic
Intention & Clarity Kit - Giver of Magic
Intention & Clarity Kit - Giver of Magic

This Intention & Clarity Kit, makes the perfect gift for someone you want to say, "I am thinking about you, and your Magic."

Labradorite Massage & Meditation Crystal Set Includes:

1- 1 oz Vortex Spray created by Intuitive Healer, Libby Zona - Vortexed Crystal Infused Shungite Water, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Shungite Crystals

1- Labradorite Palm/Massage Crystal - Labradorite- Amplifies higher state of consciousness, meditation, exploration and connection to Higher Source & Universe, Third Eye Chakra, Intuition.

1- 4 Sacred Palo Santo Bundle + Mini Desert Sage Wand

1- Mantra Corded Bracelet with Gold Filled Accent Glitter Bead, adjustable to fit most wrists 

1- Self Mantra Card

"I am a Magician, I have the ability to connect beyond this realm, I am the carrier of Light. I share my Magic with others by sharing with others my Spirit and Intuition. These crystals will provide me the reminder of being at the highest state of Illumination and one with my Inner Goddess."

Product will ship in Linen Pouch, not in the box as shown

+ADD ON: Gift Box with Note inside for $5.00 more, select and will be calculated as total with kit. (Please add your note to the receipient in the Notes section at checkout)

Handmade in Claremont, CA. All Locally Sourced Palo Santo and White Desert Sage from Arizona. 

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