Crystal Goddess Pendulum

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Crystal Goddess Pendulum
Crystal Goddess Pendulum

Gain the clarity that you want in your Manifesting process by using a Crystal Pendulum sourced from Brazil, to regain what exactly you want from your Intention setting practices. 

The pendulum is a great way to start in terms of asking and receiving the waves of energy that are created when using the pendulum during your Intention practices.

Some things to think about when using a pendulum:

Remember that it is not meant to be used to answer all questions, but can be used to give you a direct and clear answer such as "yes", "no" or "unknown, cannot answer". 

You want to cleanse the Pendulum in a sea salt bowl, set the intention for the pendulum and ask for your highest angelic spirit and higher self to give you the energy you need to connect and get the clarity you are asking for.

Ask the pendulum which way will be "yes", "no" and anything in a circular motion is typically "unknown". The pendulum will typically swing in a horizontal, vertical and circular motion.

Asking is just connecting. It is not anything more than the actual connection and when used for Intention purposes, it can raise your vibration to what it is you want.

For more information, please look at some useful and informative sites that can be found on Google. 

Dipped in Rose Water, cleansed in a salt overnight moon soak, and infused with Lavender Essential Oil. 

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