I am...Abundant Manifesting Kit

Ronnie M

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I am...Abundant Manifesting Kit

Manifest your Intentions with this beautiful, hand-curated, and hand-selected, I am...Abundant Manifesting Kit. In this kit, you will receive the following crystals for your next meditation, ceremony, or even to carry with you at all times. 

Crystals Infused in a Lavender, Rose Water Bath Include:

Agate Slice-Brings happiness, inner stability, and confidence.

Crystal Quartz-Brings Clarity to your everyday life.

Green Aventurine-Brings you Money, Wealth & Abundance.

Amazonite-Brings you the expression and opens the lines of communication with you and your highest self to ask for what it is that you want. 

Sodalite-Brings forward momentum that facilitates progress toward desired goals. Communicative crystal allows for an open flow of communication and works with the Amazonite crystal to fully express any blockages within the throat chakra. 

The Manifesting Kit comes with a Hand-Stamped, White Cotton Muslin bag, and Intention Card that reads:

"I am Abundant, I am ready to ask for what it is I want, I let go of the fear behind my expression and allowing for the flow of what I want to come. I am Abundant, and these crystals will provide me the reminder of being wealthy, communicative and one with my Inner Goddess."

Crystals are sourced from Brazil.

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