I am...Connected Desk Kit

Ronnie M

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I am...Connected Desk Kit

Manifest your Intentions with this beautiful, hand-curated, and hand-selected, I am...Connected Manifesting Desk Kit. In this desk kit, you will receive the following crystals to place in your space whether it be your office desk, your side table or nightstand at home. 

Crystals Infused in a Lavender, Rose Water Bath Include:

Raw Amethyst Cluster: Brings you closer to Heaven, connection to the Universe and Healing of all Chakras. Specific to the Crown or 7th Chakra. 

Fluorite Mini Tower: Otherwise known as the Rainbow Keeper. Brings peace, bliss, calming energy and connector to your higher self.

Tower stands approximately 2.25" in height. This is the perfect addition to your office space, or where you need to find your inner Zen and peace. 

The Manifesting Kit comes with a Hand-Stamped, White Cotton Muslin bag, and Intention Card that reads:

"I am Connected, I am close to the Highest Power, I am open to asking for the happiness and peace I deserve. These crystals will provide me the reminder of being at the highest state of serenity and one with my Inner Goddess."

Crystals are sourced from Brazil.

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