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I am...Loved Manifesting Kit

Ronnie M

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I am...Loved Manifesting Kit

Manifest your Intentions with this beautiful, hand-curated, and hand-selected, I am...Connected Manifesting Desk Kit. In this desk kit, you will receive the following crystals to place in your space whether it be your office desk, your side table or nightstand at home. 

Crystals Infused in a Lavender, Rose Water Bath Include:

Crystal Quartz-Brings clarity in your everyday life, allows you to gain clarity within, and get a clearer understanding of what it is you want. 

Scolecite-Highly Vibrative, Soul Mate crystal, moves in positive love and light into your space and helps to attract love to you. It provides inner peace and self-love.

Amazonite-Brings forth communication so that you can ask the Universe for exactly who it is you want to have in your love life. 

Selenite Heart-Provides protection gives you a sense of peace and serenity in the love that you are in or are currently attracting. 

Rose Quartz-The "Love" stone. This crystal is known for attracting in love, peace and calms the crazy heart. 

The Manifesting Kit comes with a Hand-Stamped, White Cotton Muslin bag, and Intention Card that reads:

"I am Loved, I have self-love and I am ready to give love unto others. I am open to bringing in the love that I deserve and ask for guidance from my higher self for bringing in the love that I long for. These crystals will provide me the reminder of being at the highest state of love and one with my Inner Goddess."

Crystals are sourced from Brazil.

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