I am...Protected Manifesting Kit

Ronnie M

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I am...Protected Manifesting Kit

Manifest your Intentions with this beautiful, hand-curated, and hand-selected, I am...Protected Manifesting Kit. In this kit, you will receive the following crystals for your next meditation, ceremony, or even to carry with you at all times. 

Crystals Infused in a Lavender, Rose Water Bath Include:

Agate Slice-Brings Harmony to the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Crystal Quartz-Brings Clarity to your everyday life.

Citrine Crystal-Clears the Solar Plexus Chakra where most of our stress and anxiety are held.

Hematite-Brings anchoring and a true root to Earth. It is great for self-healing and overall health. It provides centering and healing. 

Black Shungite-Protection from Negative energy, is a shield of protection, and when carried, will remove negative auras from around you. This crystal is neutralizer and digital detox from the everyday electronics stimuli. 

The Manifesting Kit comes with a Hand-Stamped, White Cotton Muslin bag, and Intention Card that reads:

"I am Protected, I am Grounded and I am Rooted in Strength. These crystals will provide me the reminder of being neutral and one with my Inner Goddess."

Crystals are sourced from India, Brazil & Russia. 


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