I am...Strength Manifesting Kit

Ronnie M

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I am...Strength Manifesting Kit

Manifest your Intentions with this beautiful, hand-curated, and hand-selected, I am...Strength Manifesting Kit. In this kit, you will receive the following crystals for your next meditation, ceremony, or even to carry with you at all times. 

Crystals Infused in a Lavender, Rose Water Bath Include:

Crazy Lace Agate-Brings happiness, inner stability, and confidence.

Crystal Quartz-Brings Clarity to your everyday life.

Smoky Quartz-Provides letting go of old energy, surrender, grounding and leaving the old shit behind.

Tigers Eye-Brings Protection, Inspiration, Perspective, and Good Luck. 

Black Rutilated Quartz-Protection from Negative energy, draws in positive energy flow and brings a spark to all chakras, with light and love delivered from the Universe.

The Manifesting Kit comes with a Hand-Stamped, White Cotton Muslin bag, and Intention Card that reads:

"I am Strength, I am filled with Happiness, I let go what no longer serves me, and I am ready to draw in the Love and Light from my Universe above. These crystals will provide me the reminder of being strong and one with my Inner Goddess."

Crystals are sourced from Brazil.

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