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"Pink Peace & Clarity" Hippie Gypsy White Sage Botanical Bundle

The Hippie Gypsy

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"Pink Peace & Clarity" Hippie Gypsy White Sage Botanical Bundle

Cleanse your space with this handmade beauty by The Hippie Gypsy. White Sage, French Mini Roses, and Crystal Quartz mix together to bring forth positive energy and an energy flow into your sacred space. The delicate beauty of the mini roses with pink details give elegance, light, and love. 

Directions to Burn Sage Botanical Bundle:

1. Remove the Velvet Ribbon and Coin prior to burning

2. Remove the Crystal Quartz as well by gently pulling it from the organic cotton cording

3. Light the top of the Botanical Bundle with a fire safe lighter or match. Gently catch a small light of flame to the top of the bundle, and quickly blow out until smoke remits from the botanical bundle. Once the bundle is blown out it will continue to smoke and you will use this smoke to smudge and cleanse your space

4. Set forth your intention when you smudge. When clearing your space, allow for the flow of energy and positive intention to guide the practice of smudging

5. Use your Botanical Bundle up to 20 hours of burn time depending on your desire to smudge. Burn out the smoking smudge by dabbing it into an ashtray or ceramic dish of some sort to preserve it longer. 

Botanical Bundle measures 7 1/2" by 2", Handmade in Claremont, CA, White Sage Bundle sourced from Arizona. Made in the USA by The Hippie Gypsy by Ronnie M.