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Transition Infusible Intention Bracelet

Ronnie M

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Transition Infusible Intention Bracelet
Transition Infusible Intention Bracelet

When you think about your future, you think about the change that you will transition from your current state to the new state of your future self. 

This beautiful bracelet is not only elegant but can be worn with all of your favorite Ronnie M bracelets. With a Sterling Silver glitter bead to focalize this bracelet and the micro-faceting of the Botswana Agate beads, make the perfect addition to your favorites.

Infuse the Bayong wood with your favorite essential oil during your meditation and wellness practices. 

Peach Moonstone is great for feminine hormone balance and change.

Botswana Agate is great for transition and change.

Handmade in Claremont, CA, genuine semi-precious stones, vegan stretch cording. Crystal beads are 8 mm in size. 

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